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Consciously Create Your Reality with Barbara Hyman's Powerful Free 40 Day Miracle Training

Welcome to the 40 Day Miracles Training

Written By: Barbara Hyman


The Key To Success

Consciously Manifest Your Success

This program is a safe and sacred place to share your hopes and fears. Please as a Miracles Partner, respect this sacred trust!

These are the 5 Questions you’ll be asking your Miracles Partner daily throughout this Process!

What’s your Big Dream for the 40 Day Program?

What have you done about it in the last 24 hours?

What Miracles have you noticed?

What requests do you have for your Spirit Guides, angels, God and the Universe?

What do you commit to doing over the next 24 hours only?



  1. Joseph Barth says:

    I am overcoming all resistance, taking inspired and Efficient Daily Action knowing that I am manifesting
    my Big Dream.

  2. Rev Kanela Barton says:

    Greetings Louise and All,
    I Am in Gratitude as well to wake up this morning and be alert and aware of the Blessing it is to BE breathing, moving, and functioning with ease, Appreciating that I have All my body parts and they Work! I have learned thru the years of numerous surgeries on my hip, and the experiences of ” pain” ( this word is generally Not in my vocubuarly, I choose others to describe the sensations I’ve felt as a result of when my hip “isn’t working right”) that I AM not my body, and I can Trust God, my Angels, Spirit Guides and the Universe,to continue to support me with my movements and getting around, for I AM here to be God’s vehicle for service as the Mermaid Minister, providing Watsu Aquatic sessions & counciling bringing healing, well-being and wholeness.
    I Am thankful that yesterday I went to receive a dental exam from my former office of employment. I worked with this dentist for 14 years-and haven’t seen or been in communication with them for 8 years, and they were very happy to see me! This touched my heart, for I’d feared they’d be upset that I’d “dropped out of communication” with everyone. I must say, knowing that my friends who still go to this office for their treatments, have been ‘liasons’ telling me that I’m asked about and they send Hellos, gave me the courage to call and go for an exam! Also, having a ‘toothache’ in lower left side helped ‘propell me into action’! I give thanks for having the antibiotics in my system to assist the healing of the infection, keeping my hip socket & all healthy with a strong immunity!
    I pray that the treatment I need is taken care of financially-truthfulluy that they Gift me, gratis as an acknowledgment/ bonus for my contributions to the practice and it’s flourhishing physically *& prosperously while I worked with them.
    I Am Blessed having the network of friends I’ve developed living here for the 27 years I did, then 8 in Miami, to have the opportuinties I do to have mobility, to take care of the things I need to do, in preparing going to Chicago-April-and the priorities are handed easily and effortlessly. And that I’m guided to the people and resources to help me while in Chicago/ Winfield area, with meeting with my new Hip DR, finding a place to stay for recuperation & rehabilatation , and finally, success so that the foundation of my bones, especially pelvic, are strong and have endurance with stamina so I can fulfill the purpose I’ve been “prepared for” this lifetime-Thank You God!!!

    DAY 6 Question:
    “What could you do over 40 Days with the help of your Spirit Guides, angels, God and the Universe and the support of a loving, spiritual group of Conscious Upliftment?”. I will be organized with the finances and arrangements to go to Chicago and meet with Dr Paprosky and there is a solution to repair my hip replacement, it is positioned, secured & stablized with my leg length equal again! So I can give & receive Watsu sessions-warm warm therapy-as Mermaid Minister, so all benefit!
    I will have my website established and I Am blogging, to connect people and facilitate their projects, which serve Mother Earth, teaching to be Stewards for her Aliveness, for future generations to continue to enjoy living in Peace and Prosperity!
    I refine the presentation of my program ” Be a Peacemaker, Share your Smile, Plant a Seed” to all ages and my travel and accommodations are always taken care of First Class.
    My body radiates my wellness, my body is lean, reflecting health for my age & frame!
    I Am Surrendered to Divine Time & Way, to God’s Will not mine, and I have the serenity, strength and courage to carry out my Purpose-My Big Dream(s)!!
    I give Thanks as I Release this word to be Manifest Rightly, better than I can imagine! So it is , Amen

  3. Doug says:

    Today (12 March) I am greatful for the great sharing and open conversations Trish and i are having. It’s the payoff from my focus on letting go of ego based fears and delusions.
    I am greatful that Trish and i can talk about our future together.

    I am greatful that my daughter Ana is starting to look to solve issues on her own from her place of power. i know this will be a great journey for her.

    I am greatful that i am continually being shown the way as i ask for it. learning points and revelations are coming into me in a never ending stream on this 40 day program.

    I am greatful for the sense of freedom and lightness of spirit my surrender has given me. it feels so good.

    I am greatful for all the postive, affirming feedback i am getting from the members of the group. thank you.

  4. Teresa says:

    Yes I am ready for My Big Dream. By April 15, I am experiencing radiant physical, spiritual and emotional health. My mind is now crystal clear and my home and work environments reflect this new clarity. I have let go of ALL inner and outer clutter. I am also madly in love with myself and with my life. This re-gained self-love spills over my husband and my daughters; our laughter, playfulness and frequent touch reflects it. Excitedly, a new career path has revealed itself with extreme clarity. I am easing into it fully trusting my soul’s calling and humbled by the amazing opportunity to fulfill it! My finances are booming! I see my money grow exponentially and my relationship with it healed; I understand, trust, appreciate, love, respect and share MONEY. I am wealthy. I am awake and ABSOLUTELY clear about who I am, while having fun manifesting all that my family and I need. We are INSPIRING others to do the same. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am complete.

    • Thank you so much for your inspiring sharing. A powerful lesson came to us through Abundance Coach Sam Liebowitz, in the 1st Miracles Program. He taught us that the correct relationship with money is neutral. I use potato chips as an example. What is your relationship with potato chips? This is the proper relationship with money! Money is energy. The best money spent is money that is freely given away with generosity and in a generous fashion. We don’t love and respect money, we love and respect the expression of being FREE and having all of our needs met with an Abundant oversupply!! This or something better! God, Angels, our Spirit Guides and the Universe are responding to our spoken and written word, and so it is! Thank You!!

  5. Teresa says:

    I AM now so powerful, positive and trusting that I AM manifesting miracles with my vision and loving support from God, my angels, Spirit guides and the Universe because I have experienced the sweet love of Divine Spirit, the supporting touch of my ancestors, the gentle beauty of Divine Mother and the immediate manifestation of that which I needed. I know that there is big excitement in the spirit world for the opportunity and my request to help me live up to my fullest potential. I am humbled and grateful for the opportunity to serve my ancestors by sharing with others the gifts I brought into this world. I am complete.

  6. Georgina says:

    I am greatful for having a wonderful son and a well paying job at a State level.

  7. Suzi says:

    I am looking forward to this journey. I am becoming financially independent…meaning not always trading time for money and bringing in more money from whatever means so it is no longer an issue of any sort, except “what do I do with such a large financial blessing, who can I help, & what causes can I now support.” Actually, I know what I will support, getting the US to label GMO’s, then getting them out of the system, and helping everyone have REAL food & clean water.
    Also I see myself participating in a juicy, joyful primary relationship that benefits both of us enormously, both in terms of growth, communication & just plain fun.

  8. Paul Ryan says:

    I am ready to soar and envelop all of the joy I’m feeling now about the new 40 day Miracle program. God is magnificent in all ways and I am living the miracle of life.

  9. Doug says:

    I am looking forward to the program. I am currently on a Journey to gain emotional clarity and maturity, let go of delusion and fear, clean up my past and set myself on a path of growth and healing. I, with the help of my love Trish, had completed similar exercises to that which the program asks of us and i was able to re-visit and refine them. thank you.
    I am filled with gratitude for my experiences with James and for this program coming along when i needed it most. I am grateful for my love trish for her teachings, support and love. I am greatful to be on this journey of healing and discovery and growth.

  10. Rev Kanela Barton says:

    Greetings & Salutations Barbara,
    Yes, I am ready for this 40 day miracle journey. I look forward to verbalizing my Vision, bringing into the Present realtiy ideas I’ve been “thinking or speaking about & had them on the backburner”. Now is the time to take action & Be doing what I’ve contemplated and due to situations,was diverted as had to focus on challenges. This is opportunity to realize why God has had me experience all I have, to be able to share as contribution to having a world that works for all and No One is left out!!! I Am in Gratitude for the Gift of my Life. Kanela

  11. Joseph Barth says:

    My Big Dream for our 40-Day Program is to have a well-organized beautiful home environment.

    Also, to be debt-free (or the equivalent of being debt free)
    and financial well-being (being able to do what we chose to do and to have the time and funds necessary to fully enjoy
    the experience).

  12. Bree says:

    What a wonderful gift for my birthday (March 7th)! I really appreciate you and what you are providing VERY much from the depths of my heart and spirit. You are a spiritual catalyst and contributor to the world. By the way, my other e-mail address is Interesting that you state that we should place I AM grateful or I AM blessed, thankful, and happy…

  13. Gayla says:

    Thanks for this 40 Day Miracle Plan!! I love it!
    Count me in. I will pass it on to some friends to see if anyone else wants to partake. What a great idea! :) )

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